I'm a Clojure/ClojureScript engineer who's excited about data analysis, data visualization, and maps. I enjoy helping others make sense out of their data using web technologies.
Starting from February 2019, I will be based out of Berlin, DE.
I'm currently writing Clojure(Script) at Pitch and am not looking for new freelance opportunities.

I would still love to chat about visualization, maps, Clojure, Berlin, Colorado, or anything! Please feel free to reach out!
Keen IO Explorer
Interface to help users analyze and discover insights in the data they store on Keen IO's platform.
Visualizing NEXRAD
Displaying NEXRAD (US doppler radar data) using D3.js.
Cortex Intel
Helping commerical building owners save money on heat and energy consumption costs.
Grid D3 Maps
A library to create a gridded heat map with D3.
2014 thoughtbot Report
Collecting interesting numbers about thoughtbot's blog posts in 2014.
Serendipity Colors
Finding the most prominent RGB colors in a video using Python and finding creative ways to display it.