thoughtbot 2014 report

I was inspired by beautiful end-of-year reports I saw other companies release in December/January, detailing the important stats of their company. In 2013, I created an internal "report" during thoughtbot's that created amusing stats about our company's chat habits. I wanted to create something public in 2014.

I worked on a team with coworkers Joel and Gabe, who helped collect data about our blog post content. I wanted to show our most popular blog posts that year in a creative way and designed the visualization below.

thoughtbot's most popular blog posts in 2014
thoughtbot's most popular blog posts in 2014

Each circle represents a blog post, the size of the circle represents the number of views the post got. The posts are all grouped by author. I was surprised that our most popular blog posts were about our testing practices, command line tools like sed and awk, and our git workflow. These are tools and practices that I didn't think needed explanations because were so ingrained into my workflow, but I was definitely wrong!

The original report is no longer hosted on the thoughtbot site, but you can view an archived version .