Cortex Intel

Cortex Intel is an application that allows commercial building managers to make more energy efficient decisions by providing better insights into energy usage. The app uses building and weather data from the past to calculate suggestions for building management. For example, the app suggests when a building manager should turn on the heat by comparing the temperature to similar weather conditions and building temperatures in the past.

I worked on this project in 2014 while at thoughtbot. The Cortex founder, two other thoughtbot designers, and I worked through a week-long design sprint. Our goal was to design an MVP for building managers who are in charge of building utilities. Building managers use smartphones, and they spend most of their work day on their feet, away from computers. We had to build something mobile friendly that wouldn't get in the way of their other tasks.

After I finshed development with the Cortex team, we officially launched in a large NYC office building. The company obtained more clients, and buildings that use the platform save at least $300k per year.

You can check out the project here: Cortex Intel