Here are some things that I really like lately.


Owen Pomery’s drawings. His drawings make me feel nostalgic for places I’ve never been.

Ellie J Sampson’s adorable, detailed paper models.

Sean Conway:

Rahawa Haile:

Rahawa hiked the entire Appalachian trail in 2016. In her article for Outside Online and podcast interview, she talks about her hiking experience, love of nature, and the extra feelings of vulnerability as a black woman going through towns with racists pasts. There is also a lot interesting discussions about the outdoor community and the choice of people they use for advertising these spaces: why do National Park brochures and outdoor equipment advertisements mostly show young, white, male faces?

I fell in love with hiking and exploring nature while living in Colorado. I lost touch with it when I moved to Berlin. Reading her experience inspired me to listen to the part of me that loves nature again.

Related: Robert Taylor’s Backpacker interview from 2000, which talks about his racist encounters while hiking the Appalachian Trail.